The best kitchens in Florida all have this…

If you’re looking for kitchen design inspiration for your Florida home, read on. We’ve found that the best kitchens in Florida all have this list of features. So, choosing one or two of these will really keep your kitchen remodel at the forefront of trends.


A kitchen island is a must-have. Not only are they functional for food preparation and effortless dining, but they provide much-needed storage too. In most Florida homes, you’ll have plenty of square footage for a built-in island. Remember to choose complementary colors and worktops to go with your surrounding kitchen theme. If you do have a smaller floor plan, you can still get an island. But you might want to go for a free-standing version.


With bright and sunny weather nearly year-round, it makes sense to use what’s available to save on electricity bills. Putting in skylights over your workstations will provide the necessary light for most daily tasks. Think about installing a skylight over your sink, stove, prep, and dining areas to make the best use of its benefit. The skylights don’t need to be very large, just big enough to light the workspace. Just remember that – in Florida – you’ll want to have a skylight that’s rated for both hurricane-force winds and tornadoes.

Metallic accents

Choosing a metal for your kitchen is important to how warm or austere it looks. Remember, you’re doing more than just picking drawer handles here. You want to link the rest of your appliances to this theme as well. So, if you don’t choose metallic silver chrome, consider hiding your appliances behind cabinetry so there’s no clash. At the moment, copper and brass are popular for the warmth they add to a kitchen.

Wood flooring

While it’s not the most affordable on this list, it provides a high impact. Wood flooring is present in many older builds. So it’s worth checking if you have some hiding under your existing finish. If you aren’t lucky enough to have hidden wood flooring, you can get the look with Pergo flooring. It’s easy to install, more affordable than other options, and simple to care for. And it’s very durable, so ideal for high-traffic areas like the kitchen that are prone to spills, scuffs, and scrapes.

Funky fixtures

Where you don’t have natural light, make a statement. Use your lighting choices, shades, and fixtures to complement your environment and style. Consider sprawling pendants like the Rupert Antique Brass and Black 5-Light Spider Chandelier for big spaces. Or try repurposing vanity fixtures to add focused lighting to task areas like with the June Metal Vanity Light. As with the metallic accents above, you can choose fixtures in the same shade to really sell the color story.

Want to add more personality and style to your Florida home? There are even more things the best kitchens in Florida all have. Why not book a design package to discover your ideal kitchen theme, color, and concept today? Click here to get started.