Personalized Design and Functionality

Custom cabinetry offers tailor-made solutions for your unique needs, balancing aesthetics and functionality through expert collaboration.

Superior Quality & Craftsmanship

Skilled artisans create durable custom cabinets using premium materials, ensuring lasting beauty and value.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Custom cabinets integrate with any home layout and style, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.


Cabinetry Masterpieces: Bespoke Elegance

Experience custom cabinetry’s endless possibilities and elevate your home’s elegance. Our designers craft bespoke, functional, visually striking cabinets tailored to your tastes. Transform living spaces into luxurious sanctuaries with unique pieces like custom-built entertainment centers, opulent libraries, and ornate fireplace surrounds.

Immerse Yourself in the Sophistication of Bespoke Cabinets

Indulge in the refined sophistication of custom cabinetry, where expert craftsmanship meets exquisite design. Skilled artisans employ premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, breathing life into your vision. Revel in the striking beauty and opulence of tailor-made cabinets, expertly crafted to blend harmoniously with your home’s distinctive style.

Explore Client Testimonials

Larry Wells

"We decided to remodel our kitchen as it was beginning to look tired and outdated. We spoke to various Kitchen designers and decided to work with Claudia as I felt confident that she listened to my requirements and knew instantly what we needed. I was not disappointed. I found Claudia to be friendly, personable, and always a pleasure to work with, while also being very knowledgeable and creative in her ideas. Most importantly we love our new Kitchen".

Lawrence Jones

"Claudia has designed the Kitchens for our various houses and everybody absolutely loves them. She has a genuine team you can trust. She works on precision from day 1- they are absolutely perfectionists. One hundred percent I will recommend them. "

Amanda Pratt designs

"We chose Claudia as our kitchen supplier due to our recent renovation. The team was highly professional in accommodating all changes through the design process. Computer drawings gave a great level of detail and were very close to the outcome.The team was meticulous with every detail and got the timing right for the supply and installation. The delivery arrived on time. The product was packaged flawlessly and handled professionally to the highest standard.We would recommend them to any designers looking for a great kitchen supply company to work alongside."

Trevor Hughes

We spoke to some kitchen Designers, and Claudia was the only one who thought past the architect’s plans and came up with design ideas to optimize the space available both in practical and aesthetic terms. Claudia provided plans, layout, drawings, and 3D visuals of the kitchen interior. From the initial design phase to delivery and after-care, Claudia has been exceptional and pleased to work alongside. We couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Charlotte Smith

“I purchased my new kitchen and loved the process. I knew straight away that Claudia would be able to help with the design of my Kitchen. I wanted something special and different. My contractors were very clear with the schedule. Everybody loves my new kitchen. I am so glad I found her company.”

John and Caroline T.

"Our friends initially recommended Claudia to us. Rather than sell a kitchen, she provided a finished product that is highly functional and looks great. Claudia carefully assessed each choice at every step and its overall implications on the kitchen and broader house, ensuring a truly bespoke solution. We recommend Claudia without hesitation!"

Dave and Michelle K.

"Baruchi was fantastic with us, both caring and patient throughout our creative process, guiding us with expertise and very trustworthy advice and then delivering the kitchen with a dedicated team who knows what they are doing. We are delighted with a good-quality kitchen that has become a perfect family space."

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Dive into an unparalleled design experience in South Florida with our custom cabinetry services. Our talented designers and masterful craftsmen work together to fashion exceptional pieces tailored to your unique tastes, enhancing your home’s allure. Discover the perfect blend of artistry and functionality in a region celebrated for its vibrant charm and sophistication.

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