What you need to know before designing your kitchen in Florida

If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen, there are some steps you should do before you run off and buy worktops. Here’s what you need to know before designing your kitchen in Florida from an award-winning design studio.

  1. Know your budget

Some people set the budget after creating a wish list, but that will only set you up for failure. You need to know what you can afford, so creating a baseline and stretch budget will let you know what wiggle room you have.

  1. Create a list of must-have features

If you want an island, charging cabinet, smart fridge, or any other stand-out feature, put it on a list. Get an average price for these must-haves and see if they fit in your budget.

  1. Define your kitchen style

Do you like traditional, craftsman, modern, cottage or something else? If you don’t know what style calls to you, have a look at the projects in our design gallery. They can help you define your kitchen aesthetic.

  1. Plan your layout & lighting

Layout and lighting play a huge role in how livable your new kitchen design is. You’ll want to create a kitchen triangle and light all the task areas particularly well. If you’re not sure how to do this, an expert kitchen design team can help you.

  1. Create a color scheme

Color helps you tell the story of your style. Think about your foundational and accent colors. What finishes and metals will compliment them? How can you express yourself through hues? What will add value and last as a style statement? Write all these down and start looking for cabinets, fixtures, and fittings in these colorways.

Advanced Tips

  1. Make a procurement list

Failing to buy the right size, quantity, or style of kitchen fitting is a huge hurdle that can delay your kitchen renovation project. In order to avoid this, use a kitchen planning tool to help you organize what you need to buy and when for each stage of the build.

  1. Find a contractor

There are many ways to manage your kitchen redesign. You could do it yourself by going to a big box or retail store with your measurements and just getting a fitting. Or you could hire a kitchen designer to manage the whole process for you. Lastly, you could get a contractor or design-build firm to help you. In our other blog article, we discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

  1. Source a place to live

Probably the most overlooked step and a key piece of info that you need to know before designing your kitchen in Florida are where you’re going to live when it’s happening. The kitchen is the heart of your home. And while it’s being disrupted and torn apart, nothing will work quite the same. Now, if you live alone, maybe you can manage with a few takeaway dinners and patience. But if you have a family, it’s likely that you will want to arrange a rental property for the duration.

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