Trends for European kitchen design 2023

With renewed optimism, we rocket into 2023 looking to love our spaces even more. This is reflected in the trends for European kitchen design, 2023 and beyond. Today, we’re discussing the design aesthetics, materials and features that will mark the next year of kitchen remodelling in this 5-minute read.

Smart home technology

One of the most obvious European kitchen design 2023 trends is IoT. The internet of things will help us live more efficient lives from connected fridges to programmable underlighting. And with the latest WiFi 6, connections are faster and more robust than ever. This year, we’ll do more than cook from an iPad; we’ll automate a lot more of the daily tasks that keep us from each other using smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa.

Integrated cellars

With new, modern solutions; any home can have a sleek wine cellar. Forget dusty underground caves, today’s wine cellar is a smart, built-in solution that uses tech to keep every type of wine perfectly chilled. Plus, it can be a nice perk that puts your home at the top of the list with buyers once it comes time to sell. Just remember to hide the metallic frame behind a custom wooden cabinetry solution, exposing just the viewing glass for the most high-end finish.

Earthy textures

From more eco-friendly and responsibly-sourced cabinetry to garden-hued paints and natural woods; Earth is in. It starts with a handcrafted kitchen that’s not a cheap, mass-produced big box affair. Then, the focus of European kitchen design 2023 trends seek to ground the inhabitants with deep green tones and natural wood textures throughout the space. Think about unique materials like driftwood, jute, bamboo and reclaimed wood to create a homey, lived-in space.

Mixed metallics

To add to the earthy tones, you’ll see a lot of mixed metals this year. And it’s not just gold and chrome anymore. Into centre stage walks pewter, brushed brass and copper. These often-forgotten metals will dominate in 2023 as homeowners look to pair a range of different metals with their natural finishes for a less uniform and fabricated aesthetic. This can warm up the space and make it look more organic.

Party islands

Forget the neat island with chairs lined up on one side. New for 2023, kitchen design is focusing on inclusivity with a trio or quad of chairs surrounding the far end of free-standing or l-shaped kitchen islands. This allows for a more natural conversational flow and provides the option for busy cooks to put their feet up in between preparations. European kitchen design 2023 trends are all about togetherness. 

Japandi style

The clean lines and open spaces of Scandi kitchen design meet the East with new influences from Japan. Japandi kitchens are one of the newest trends for European kitchen design in 2023. And the pairing works well as the organic tones and prevalence of houseplants removes any coldness that Nordic design can sometimes leave.


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