Induction vs Gas Stove – What’s Better?

When redesigning your kitchen at home, you’re probably weighing up the options. When considering an induction vs gas stove, you want to make the best choice. Here’s why you might choose an induction stove over a gas one:

What’s the difference – induction vs gas stove?

A gas stove uses (you guessed it) natural gas to create and maintain a cooking flame. Bosch states, “Induction cooking works by heating the pan directly rather than heating the hob. It’s as fast to respond as gas and as precise as electricity.” Electromagnetism is the force at play here. And that means you need the right sort of pan to create this heating effect. You can’t use just any pan on an induction hob, but where you lose in cookware variety, you gain in fast, even heating, and a safer, easy-to-clean surface.

Benefits of induction stoves

An induction stove has a host of benefits including:

    • Preventing cooked-on food
    • Wipe-clean surface
    • Rapid boiling and heating
    • Cool-touch surface for little hands
    • Flat profile for a range of kitchen styles
    • No risk of dangerous leaks
    • Installable in any location with electric hookups
    • Eco-friendly

Benefits of gas stoves

Gas stoves still have a few advantages:

    • Use any type of pan
    • Pinpoint-precise heat
    • Usable in a power outage

Induction loves the planet

With a recent Stanford University study laying a huge amount of blame for greenhouse emissions one the use of gas, many cities are moving to electricity and induction. Cities like Brookline, Mass and Berkley, Cal have already banned new gas lines. And it’s likely that other cities will follow suit. So, this is an ideal option for newer, greener builds and kitchen renovations. Installing an induction stove now means you’ll not need to redo your stovetop to bring it in line with future restrictions on gas stoves.

Our favorite induction stove range: Siemens HomeConnect

This range of smart induction stoves boasts a range of clever features that adapt to your cookware and fit into almost any cooktop. They write, “Ever left the house only to go back to check that you turned off the hob? With Wi-Fi enabled Siemens cooking appliances and the Home Connect app you can monitor the on/off status, active cooking zones, and timer status from wherever you are.” We recommend them for all our kitchen designs because of these useful smart features that de-tether you from the kitchen during meal prep. Check on the kids, share a glass of wine with your partner, or entertain your guest all while wirelessly keeping an eye on your reduction. Plus, the stoves themselves adapt to the pan sizes you use, allow for advanced timers, and heats food perfectly every time. They combine perfectly with their extractor hood for an integrated cooking experience with ambiance lighting features.

Want to explore how an induction stove could mesh with your kitchen renovation plans? Let’s talk about your options.