Intro to Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Appliances – Sub-zero, Wolf, and Cove

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we start dreaming about long summers and lazy afternoons in the backyard or our garden. Now is actually the perfect time to start planning your purchases of luxury outdoor kitchen appliances. We’d love to introduce you to a great trio of brands under a single umbrella: Sub-zero, Wolf, and Cove. We hope you’re ready to kickstart your outdoor living journey.

About Sub-zero, Wolf, and Cove

This heritage brand began its story in 1926 as the Sub-Zero Freezer Company from humble beginnings in a Wisconsin garage. They pioneered a range of refrigeration innovations across the 60s and 70s, becoming a household name. In 2000, they acquired Wolf Gourmet, a big name in commercial cooking with a story nearly as long. (Wolf started life in 1933.) Together, Sub-zero & Wolf are challenging accepted standards for cooking and heating across nearly every category of kitchen appliances. And they absolutely shine in outdoor applications. In 2018, they launched Cove – the definitive name in luxury dishwashing. Overall, they dominate the luxury appliance market. And they’re still family-owned. This is after 3 generations and 75 years of innovation.

Wolf barbeques & warming

Their range of high-end outdoor gas barbeques is highly desirable and comes in an extensive array of sizes. Popular features include independent heat controls for each burner, searing zones, rotisserie systems, and built-in illumination in a durable stainless steel casing. Combine them with an outdoor warming drawer to keep food at the right temperature before serving. Use it to proof dough, keep foods crisp and moist as required and maintain a temperature of 29-93 °C as needed. They can come in glass, stainless steel, or wood finishes to match your decor. 

Sub-zero fridges

Their outdoor refrigerators blend into your cabinetry seamlessly. With cooling from 1°C to 7°C and adjustable dividers, keeping food fresh is easy. They’ve got built-in illumination to keep you going, even if the party runs late. And they hold over 70 liters of food. That’s quite a bit! Plus, they coordinate with the range of grills. Or – as an option- you can get make custom panels to match your surrounding furniture. Since they sit into your cabinetry under the worktop, they’re out of the way. This allows for a better kitchen triangle for your outdoor prep and cooking.

Cove dishwashers

While Cove has not yet released an outdoor version of their highly desirable dishwasher range, we expect they will soon. First, these dishwashers offer a high-performance clean. And they remain popular for the near-silent running mode. And as with any Sub-zero, Wolf, and Cove appliance, they customize the design for a wide range of kitchen styles. While some Cove dishwashers are installed in outdoor settings, that is not recommended by the brand. That’s because it invalidates the warranty. So, our advice is to just wait for the brand to release an outdoor-friendly model or consider Asko in the interim.

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