Why Modular Kitchen Design Isn’t a Good Idea

Modular kitchen design is all the rage these days. And fans of the technology will say it allows you to get a good-spec kitchen installed faster than ever. But with that speed comes some drawbacks. We’ll explore what a modular kitchen is and why you might not want to put one in your premium kitchen.

What is a modular kitchen?

According to Good Housekeeping, “Modular kitchens are like the LEGOs of kitchen design: They come in pre-made parts that fit together like building blocks to create a functional space.” Once you have the room dimensions, it’s fairly easy to use a computer interface or help from a big box store associate to map products from the modular kitchen design catalog into your room. Since it’s so popular, there are a fair number of retailers and manufacturers offering modular kitchens. And it’s easy to find a supplier near you. Lastly, since they are pre-made (in a sense) what you see in the rendered designs is what the finished product will look like.

Why would you want one?

Modular kitchens are extremely popular in today’s market. You might want a modular kitchen because you’re outfitting a rental property or quickly flipping a home and simply want to get it to a reasonable standard. Maybe you just don’t have a big enough budget for a bespoke kitchen design. Or you might like the ease of ordering and booking installation in one place. Perhaps you like the finishes on offer or the fact that you can mix and match easily among the standard options. Finally, maybe you don’t want to wait for a custom product to be built. All of these are good reasons to go with a modular kitchen. But for most people, a custom-built kitchen is a way better idea; here’s why:

Why is it a bad idea?

We’d encourage you to avoid a modular kitchen if you’re having your own home renovated, however. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Uniform – Your kitchen will look just like everybody else’s kitchen. You’ll be lacking that style, substance, and dash of personality that a custom kitchen can offer.
  2. Standard – If your kitchen doesn’t have any irregular spaces, a modular kitchen might work. But if you’ve got an odd nook, a low wall, or a strange alcove; you’re not going to cater for it with a modular kitchen.
  3. Basic – Modular kitchens are a good basic option, but if you have hobbies or unique interests you want reflecting in your kitchen, that’s not going to happen. 
  4. Value – Modular kitchens don’t add much in the way of resale value because they’re so ubiquitous. Whereas a custom bit of kitchen carpentry is uniquely fitted to the space, made out of higher quality materials (generally), and could increase the home’s value substantially.

Before you go to a big box store and buy a modular kitchen, talk to us first. We can help you design a bespoke kitchen that’s just perfect for your home.