European Style Cabinetry


A warm family of four with a large extended family in London, England needed more space for togetherness. They wanted Baruchi to design a large room for the family to enjoy. They needed activity spaces and desired warm colors. And they wanted a space for everything from smaller free-standing appliances, to much-cherished family pictures. They liked the idea of European Style Cabinetry design elements.


We decided to mix modern appliances and a two-toned kitchen with a rich Walnut breakfast bar for the family to enjoy. First, this created an environment where the whole family could relax and enjoy their time together. Secondly, it allowed them to host dinner parties and entertain guests.

But we wanted to create a bold statement – even in rich tones. The European Style Cabinetry was completely handcrafted in England. We felt the design elements spoke to a bold and modern bespoke kitchen without becoming cold. Overall, the space was welcoming for all of the families and for their guests.

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Project feature


Ergonomics matter. So, we ensured the fridge and ovens stayed close to the preparation area. We also placed them higher within the space. This allowed for easy access and ease of use at all times. We installed an induction hob with no protruding bits for a chip-resistant, streamlined profile. Combined with the glass backspace, it blends into the more interesting design elements. It’s also easier to keep clean for such a busy kitchen.

Project feature


The rich walnut breakfast bar provides multi-use space for the family to enjoy. The bespoke Spekva piece from Denmark introduces sophistication and warmth to the room. It blends the colors of the room together.  The warm two-toned kitchen complimented that walnut material. And the breakfast bar is versatile enough for Sunday brunch to more formal meals. We added electrical sockets on pillars in the design too. This enabled their Kitchen Aid food mixer, laptop charging, and other electricals without strewn cables.

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