Luxury Open Plan Kitchen


Creating a Luxury Open Plan Kitchen within an apartment in Miami’s financial district was a distinct challenge. Our professional couple wanted more space, in a minimal style with Italian inspiration. The space needed to be functional, livable, and future-proof.


As this was a kitchen/living room – it was important to ensure we didn’t have too much stainless steel on display. So, we used an integrated fridge freezer. This hides the finish behind cabinetry doors and provides a sophisticated backdrop.

The couple are busy professionals who work long hours. And we know they’ll want to catch up after a long day at work. So, we introduced some seating within the kitchen- a wooden Spekva piece of wood supported by a glass structural frame. This allows for one person to cook while the other speaks to them and shares a drink.

To keep to the client’s minimal design request- we introduced wood veneer paneling. And we ensured that the island had no handles. Overall, it blends in perfectly with the rest of the room

The client wanted a partition of some kind between the kitchen and the sitting room. And so, we designed a partition of wood and glass that would them some privacy. This was a sophisticated way of dividing the room without losing sunlight and disconnecting the room altogether. To ensure there was some continuity – we ran some walnut veneer throughout the Luxury Open Plan Kitchen.




Project feature


Walnut veneer really spoke to our clients. We used it to tie the two rooms together. And we combined that with a palette of colors inspired by Italian designers. So the room didn’t look heavy, we opted for shelving rather than wall units to let the space breathe.


Hear our client’s thoughts:

“We spoke to several designers in our search for our new kitchen. While Claudia was not the cheapest, she had the most attractive vision for our home and was able to deliver on her drawings.  She was also on hand to help us during difficult and stressful times. Overall, I would definitely work with her again.  Peter Alleyn, London, England

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