Storage Solutions for Your Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, and if you are anything like me, it’s also probably the messiest. No matter how often I clean, it always seems like there is a cluster of cookware and gadgets covering every inch of counter space.

Whether you’re cooking up a storm or trying to find something to eat at 2 AM, there are always dishes piled high in the sink. The last thing that I want to do is spend my time cleaning when I could be doing other things instead!

This is where you need to upgrade your modern kitchen to have better storage solutions and keep your kitchen looks in tip-top shape!

Here are ten of my favorite modern kitchen storage solutions:

Tip #1

Add under-the-counter storage space to keep dirty dishes out of sight and organized at all times. Don’t forget about those cupboards over the counter, they can also be a great place to store pots and pans. Custom cabinets will give you more freedom when choosing your own storage solutions for modern kitchen needs! With multiple levels, these pull-out cabinets can be customized. Think cabinet inserts for silverware or stacking plates depending on your needs. This way you’ll always know where things are when you’re in a pinch! If you have an empty wall space try adding floating shelves or even a wine rack if that’s your thing.

Tip #2

If you don’t have a kitchen island or space for a pantry, consider adding cabinets above the fridge. It’s the perfect place to store your everyday spices, oils, and bottles of vinegar. And it also offers some storage for canned goods. This is a great way to make use of dead space while still keeping your kitchen looking clean and organized! These storage solutions allow you to keep your most often used items at arm’s reach. And they free up floor and countertop space in the process!

Tip #3

If there is one thing that I am constantly dealing with in my modern kitchen, it is the dishes. They’re often piling up in the sink and kitchen countertop. One of the best storage solutions is to install a dishwasher or have countertop space for dishes that are drying. But if you’re looking for something else why not consider adding under-counter drawers? These are perfect for storing sponges, dish soaps, paper towels, and more. These can hold all sorts of kitchen essentials from cutlery to baking supplies!

Tip #4

If your modern home has open floor plans then a large kitchen island is a must-have! Even if you have a small space, this is the perfect place to store your everyday dishes or even an extra oven. You can also use it as additional countertop space for cooking! Just be sure that you don’t overstuff it since everything should still appear organized and easy to access. You can also use the extra space to store ingredients and appliances for cooking, as well as books or knick-knacks that you want on display!

Tip #5

Incorporate open shelving into your modern kitchen design in order to create valuable storage space with just one simple trick—the illusion of more vertical storage space. By placing your items in clear containers and stacking them on top of each other, you can create the illusion that your modern kitchen has more storage space than it really does. It’s a simple trick to keep things organized without sacrificing all of the beautiful countertop space! Plus these are great for showcasing hard-to-match dishware or any trinkets that you want to show off.

Tip #6

Creatively use countertop space for extra storage solutions. If you have the space then this can be an incredible way to add extra storage, whether it’s installing a rolling cart right on top or incorporating magnetic wall-mounted racks and containers to hold all kinds of tools and utensils at arms’ reach. These space-saving solutions can be a great option if you’re looking for quick access to your frequently used tools! This is an easy and affordable way to keep your most-used tools and utensils close by while freeing up countertop space at the same time!

Tip #7

Install under-cabinet lighting to help you easily see what is inside your cabinets. This will make it easier for you to find cooking utensils and dishes at night or during low-light situations. You can even install motion sensor lights so the space automatically illuminates when someone enters the room! You can even use this trick if there is no countertop space for a pantry or pull-out shelves!

Tip #8

Transform the back of your modern kitchen cabinets into storage space by installing rolling hooks, racks, and holders! Hang a bar to get all of your tools off the countertops. There are so many great ways you can utilize this space, whether it be for spices or utensils! You could also install hooks along the edges to hang up aprons and towels which will give you quick access when cooking/cleaning up after meals. This will give you more room to store bulky items or pots and pans.

Tip #9

For those who are short on cabinet space, installing a pull-out trash can will free up some valuable countertop space while keeping your modern kitchen clean! Install the bin underneath the sink for easy access during mealtimes for simple storage solutions for your modern kitchen.

Tip #10

One of my favorite storage solutions that are also really simple to do is adding a pull-out cabinet to the sink base. This way you can keep your kitchen clean and organized while making it easy for everyone in the family to keep their messes contained!

There are many ways that you can maximize storage space in order to make your modern kitchen clutter-free, including these ten simple tricks! No matter what solution you choose, your modern kitchen will be a dream to cook in and a joy to clean.

If you prefer to have a professional create the storage solutions for your kitchen, you can contact bespoke kitchen designers such as Baruchi Studios to help you. We can help you choose the perfect storage solutions for your kitchen and create a unique design that works perfectly with your modern home!