Timeless kitchen design in 5 steps

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen but still have a style that will hold up over time, you need timeless kitchen design. In 5 easy steps, we’ll suggest ways to remodel that still delight decades on and ideas for keeping your home more classically styled. We know you’re investing a lot into your kitchen renovation. And with these tips, you’ll have a brilliant finish that will resonate for years.

Focus on kitchen layout

One of the core things you must plan in great detail is your kitchen layout. If you’re compromising on the location of key prep elements, change your designs now. Don’t take chances here. An awkwardly placed stove or oven too high up will ruin your enjoyment of your new kitchen. Make sure that the kitchen triangle of oven, sink, and fridge are perfectly anchored in the space. Explore other layouts like U, galley, island, or L if you’re feeling like something is off with the current plans. Or talk to a kitchen design specialist like us for advice.

Harness the island

Most kitchens have an island these days. They’re essential even when renting (you can fake a built-in one with a kitchen cart). Think about how you can change the shape and scale to match your kitchen space and what smart features you should incorporate. Not only are they great space dividers, but they serve a range of purposes. Think about the kids charging their laptops for school while doing homework or prepping ingredients for pizza night. They’re really a modern must-have element of timeless kitchen design.

Classic cabinet styles

Feel free to express yourself in paint colors and small finishing details, but if you want a timeless kitchen design, then you need to keep to classic cabinet styles. Contemporary flat-fronted, Shaker, painted and tall wooden kitchen cabinets are highly desirable. You don’t need to do it all in one color, but having the core style in something traditional can help guests (and potential future buyers) feel at ease. Oh, and for woods? Consider a classic walnut accent with lighter cabinets. This gives a modern feel without being cold.

Smarten your lighting

You don’t need to have a single central light source. In fact, that’s not even desirable from a functional perspective. Ditch the ceiling sconce and try task-based lighting around your prep areas with more general light sources styled in interesting ways. Mix and match drop pendants, wall spotlights, underlighting, and more to create a lighting story for your kitchen. Just make sure that your designs separate the different lights into their own switches so you can set the right tone when working, entertaining and more.

Match your fittings

Nothing can ruin a timeless kitchen design more than mismatched fittings. Make sure all the details of your kitchen tie together. That means every switch, hinge, handle, knob, hook, faucet, and more are made in the same style and material. (This is especially important with metals.) And consider a more traditional finish than chrome. Brass and copper can really add warmth to your kitchen even in small amounts.