Tips from a luxury property interior designer

You don’t have to be a luxury property interior designer to follow these clever tips when styling your home. From selecting a design house to applying color cleverly, there are many ways to exude class and sophistication that you can try in your own home today.

Find a style you love

First, know what school of design you like. Is it farmhouse, traditional, ultra-modern, Scandi, Japandi, or something else? Keep a Pinterest board or scrapbook of inspiration stored somewhere that you can refer to when building a cohesive theme throughout your home. When you consider bringing an element into your space, judge it against your theme book to make sure it’s a good fit.

Buy high-quality furnishings

Skip the big-box stores wherever you can and invest in good quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Choose solid wood over particle board and true metals over plated options to ensure you’ll have these selections for years and years to come. This means your furniture will survive wear and tear and the fittings will add real value to your home’s worth.

Explore textures

Linen, jute, velvet, bamboo – varied texture adds visual interest to a space and a homely feel. There’s nothing quite like the warmth of mixed cloth to make a couch or dining area more inviting. Don’t forget to apply this approach to your wood and metal finishes as well. Hammered, brushed, smooth or worn versions of the same material can break up a palette without deviating from it.

Express yourself in art

Any luxury property interior designer will explain that what you hang on the wall can add or detract from the space. Skip the heavily reprinted pieces and mass-produced hangings. Instead, commission a local artist to make something just for you in your color palette and theme. It will pay off in the long run in both enjoyability and overall value.

Use lighting impactfully

Then, when you have your standout art pieces, highlight them with bespoke lighting schemes. Beyond that, use lighting in your home to make prep or tasks easier to manage and emphasize different features like bespoke storage or interesting architecture. Don’t be afraid to showcase those varied textures with your shade choices too.

Celebrate a color

Go bold. Deep jewel tones in any shade look rich when paired with any neutral scheme. This can allow you to inject some personality without cheapening your space in any way. Emerald, plum, berry, navy – all of these shades are go-to options that a luxury property interior designer would use to elevate your color story through soft furnishings and accent pieces.

Invest in good design

Lastly, spend money on great design. If your kitchen, closet, or bedroom isn’t customized to your lifestyle, then no amount of small finishes will save the utility of the room. Talk to a luxury property interior designer about your needs and interests to get a high-value design that will really make the features sing. We’d love to help you with that. Get in touch about our concierge interior design services today.