5 Easy Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Lighting your kitchen is simple when you remember to mix at least two of the main lighting types: task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, and mood lighting. By combining these lighting types, you’ll create utility and interest. We’ve collected 5 tips on how to do this with easy kitchen lighting ideas you can use today.

Think about size

If you have a small kitchen, you’re not going to need or want all 4 types of lighting. It will make the lighting choices look cluttered and less intentional. Think about making an impact. We love this Rokua piece from Cameron Design House. They state, “the Rokua lanterns hand-drawn glass conceals the lighting element while diffusing a warm tranquil glow. The solid brass structure of the Rokua, engineered from the hand-milling of brass plates, holds a sophisticated internal structure that supports the hand-drawn glass.” And a lighting installation like this can really wow in a small kitchen.

Watch your heights

If you want to install chandeliers (even sleek, modern ones), you need to watch your heights. If installing them over workspaces, consider if tall people will feel constricted by the obstruction. But if they are going in walkways, the bottom of it should be at least seven feet from the floor. That’s so everyone feels comfortable that they’re not going to bump into the light. Remember, you don’t have to hang your lights at the same level. In fact, having them extend to different heights can add visual interest. 

Enhance natural light

Remember that in the winter months, it often gets darker earlier. You may want to consider small task lighting to highlight areas that would usually get a lot of natural light. This might be above the kitchen sink if it’s in front of a window or ambient lighting for a dining area with french doors. Consider a fixture with a diffuser so the contrast isn’t so stark between day and night lighting temperatures if your windows don’t get direct sunlight.

Light your workspaces

Task lighting is really important. And one of the most beautiful ways to ensure clear and well-lit workspaces are wall lights. We love this chic, industrial and vintage-looking wall light. It’s powerful and directional for areas where under-cabinet lighting just isn’t practical. And, because of the metal shade, it keeps the light focused on your workspace, so it’s okay to mount it more at eye level than something with a glass shade.

If it’s not bright, light

If you have dark cabinets and flooring, you’re going to need more light. Otherwise, the room can feel closed-in. But if you have light-colored flooring and cabinetry, you don’t need to do as much to keep everything looking warm and welcoming. And don’t forget about lighting inside of your cabinets too if they are very deep or not well lit by your general lighting choices. 

Not sure how to apply these tips? Talk to our team of expert kitchen designers. We can help you plan your kitchen remodeling project from the ground up. Have a look at our packages.