The Essentials of Upgrading Your Kitchen

The high-end kitchen has come to represent the epitome of luxury in the home. It’s an aspiration for many and is often considered a symbol of high status. If you’re looking for the essentials of upgrading your kitchen, read on.

The high-end kitchen is not just about the appliances and shiny countertops. It also represents how much thought has gone into every detail of its design.

In luxury homes, kitchen design has become a critical element in the overall décor. “The high end of today’s market is not about spending money on lavish appliances or adding extra square footage to your house,” says Tom Silva, television personality and host of This Old House TV show. “It’s all about creating high-end finishes that are high impact.”

There are many ways to upgrade your kitchen. You can choose from high-end materials, custom design options, high-tech features, or all of the above. Here are five high-end kitchen upgrades to take your high-rise home to another level.

Essential # one: high-end materials 

High-end materials provide high-impact results. A high-end finish can transform a kitchen space from basic to bold and stylish. It is important that the materials you choose reflect your style. And they must also fit seamlessly into your home’s overall design theme. 

For example, if your home’s décor features clean lines and neutral palettes, high-end materials that are sleek and simple will work best. If your home is more eclectic with lots of color and pattern, high-end materials can be bolder to fit into the existing décor. The choice is yours.

Essential # two: custom design options 

The high-end kitchen is all about personalization. Custom designs that are made just for you offer a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Some homeowners choose bespoke kitchens because they want the flexibility to change their premium kitchen layout. And others prefer customized designs so they can incorporate unusual high-end finishes.

A bespoke kitchen—a customized kitchen designed exclusively for you—can make a high-end statement. You can choose high-quality materials and make every detail of your kitchen truly unique. A high-tech kitchen with the latest appliances or handcrafted cabinetry is possible. And customizing your kitchen allows for complete creative freedom in designing an exceptional space that is perfect for you!

Essential # three: high-tech features 

High-tech appliances are becoming more popular in high-end homes. They make cooking easier, faster, and much more efficient. Smart kitchen technology also provides high-impact results that will wow guests every time they visit your home. This is especially when you have the latest gadgets. Think voice-activated speakers or high-end appliances that can send you a text when your dish is ready.

High tech features made a huge impact on your life because they make everyday tasks easier to manage. And they also enhance the functionality of your kitchen space. Some high tech options include: 

  • Smart refrigerators that keep track of food expiration dates and notify users about product recalls or missing items. We love these models from Samsung.
  • Smart ovens that preheat to the proper cooking temperature in a matter of minutes and alert you when your high-end dish is ready with an app notification from your phone, tablet, or computer. Check out this range from Seimens.
  • Voice-activated speakers, like Amazon’s Alexa, can help you control high-end kitchen appliances or simply play music while you cook. 

High-tech kitchen design isn’t just about high-end appliances. It can also include high-tech features to make your kitchen functional and convenient.

Essential # four: high impact finishes  

High-impact finishes create high-end aesthetics. High impact kitchen décor can transform your high-rise home into a stylish and sophisticated space. And all of your guests will love it. High-end materials, custom design options, or high-tech features for the ultimate high-rise kitchen makeover are optional. But high-impact finishes should be included in every high-end kitchen.

High impact finishes can be high-quality paints or gloss flooring. Think of materials that reflect the light and create a sense of space in an underused room. It must also highlight your luxury home’s overall design theme. When choosing high-impact finishes for your premium kitchen makeover, you should consider how those high-end finishes can stand out in your beautiful home. 

For example, high gloss tiles will make a bold statement if you have lots of dark wood floors and furniture throughout your high-rise home. And matte kitchen cabinets might be more suitable for an eclectically designed space with bright pops of color on the walls. High impact finishes can be high-quality paints, high gloss tiles, or even high-end flooring that create a sense of space in the underused room. The finish can also highlight your luxury home’s overall design theme. This will help you create an unforgettable high-rise kitchen makeover!

Essential # five: high-end appliances 

High-end kitchen appliances can include high-tech features that make your life easier, such as self-closing drawers or touch screen controls that let you cook from anywhere in the house! Along with high-tech features, high-end appliances are designed to last and high-quality materials will ensure that your kitchen appliances don’t break down and require frequent repair. 

Consider investing in high-quality appliances that will last and use durable materials for the kitchen cabinetry and flooring. 

Essential # six: perfect lighting   

Because high-end kitchens are designed with the latest high-tech features, high-impact finishes, and high-quality appliances that can cost thousands of dollars; it’s important to include lighting as an essential for your high-end kitchen. 

Natural light makes a huge difference in any space because it brings more warmth into your home and enhances colors on surfaces. 

Kitchen designers such as Baruchi Studios and high-end kitchen brands like Eurostyle, Novogratz, and Rosanna Inc. include high-quality lighting fixtures as part of their premium kitchen makeovers because they know the importance of making sure your high-rise home is filled with natural light! 

Now that you’ve learned the essentials for high-end kitchen makeovers, you can begin planning your high-rise renovation with high-impact finishes or high-quality lighting to transform your kitchen space into the ultimate luxury home.

When you are ready to upgrade your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you transform your kitchen into a high-end kitchen that will complement your beautiful home!


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