How to get a European look for your kitchen

Capturing the essence of European style is a desirable motif in any luxury kitchen. Big Chill describes a European look as, “traditional architecture paired with fun, contemporary elements create unique spaces that are both classic and fresh. Colorful appliances paired with vintage tile, or dark wooden cabinets paired with light stone countertops and shiny metallic fixtures. Pops of color and shades of matte. Eclectic designs and practical work surfaces. To sum it up, European kitchens typically mix vintage and modern design without even trying.” So, if you’re looking to add some of these elements to your space and get a European look for your kitchen, here is some inspiration:

#1 Colorful appliances

You don’t need to live a life without color. Look for ways to add a touch of spice with unique appliances. Consider choosing an accent color and then finding fun items like this blue retro-looking coffee maker to add interest to the space. Look to popular European brand Smeg to capture the desired look.

#2 Reclaimed tile

While you might not be able to source enough reclaimed tile to do your whole backsplash, you can get the look with a bit of creativity. Consider evoking vintage tile with this planked wood wall feature. It easily hangs in a space to hint at this popular European design aesthetic.

#3 Light countertops

Contrast is key with European kitchen design, so you’ll see plenty of references featuring a light work surface with dark cabinetry. The Spanish brand Silestone is great for this. Bringing European sensibilities directly to the States. Look for white, off-white, cream, and grey offerings to nail the look.

#4 Bright metallics

Finish off your fixtures and fittings by employing considered shiny metal elements. Think about wall plates, handles, sockets, and more to apply a unified metal theme. Steer clear of antique finishes to let these features stand out more than in a traditional kitchen.

#5 Electic color pop

In one place, add a surprising pop of color like these green bar stools. Modern design aesthetics can be too reserved, stuffy, and muted. By mixing in unexpected one color pop, you’re injecting the fun and whimsy back into your space.

#6 Bespoke wooden cabinetry

When you create cabinets specifically for a space you’re maximizing the utility. Not only do you have more storage than you otherwise would, but it creates a striking visual impact. For an even more European look, don’t be afraid to go dark with your finish.

#7 Make it matte

Balance your shiny metallic hardware with soothing and warm natural mattes. Try this by using natural materials for your lighting and flooring elements. Try stone tiles, wood floors, or corded rugs. This can help to soften the look and prevent it from looking stark or cold.

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to create your European look kitchen. If you need help with refining the color palettes or plans, why not book one of our affordable kitchen design packages.