Kitchen Design Ideas

If this year is the one you’ll choose for your kitchen remodel, there are so many compelling design trends to tap into. For our kitchen design ideas, we’ll talk about lighting, color, and new materials gaining steam this year.

Glazed kitchen tile backsplashes

Not only are glossy tiles easier to clean but they reflect light. Try glazed or glossy tiles in a complementary undertone to your cabinetry to offer a gentle second texture to the kitchen design.

One open shelf at eye line

Instead of putting in upper cabinetry, open up the space and create a sense of interest by separating the tile backsplash and upper wall with one single custom shelf at eye level. You can cut and stain it to match your kitchen wood from a piece of good lumber.

Monochromatic texture mix

Choose one primary color for your kitchen and then present it in different textures. Try a wicker-look shade in brown with dark wood shelving and a brown metal wall clock. Mix your metals with your woods for an interesting but cohesive look.

Bold color mixing

Think of colors you love to combine and apply that style to your kitchen. Try greens and purples, pinks and blues, or mixed metallics for a style statement. You don’t need to overdo it. Pick one color as your primary foundation and the other as your color accent.

Busy, veined marble

Kitchen design ideas 2022 edition pays homage to busy marble. The more intense the veins, the better. Combine a dark marble with trend number 6 for an ultra-modern design aesthetic. According to The Quarry, “Every natural marble slab is like a one-of-a-kind work of art, with no two slabs being the same. Where some may have very noticeable veins or patterns that easily stand out, the others might be more subdued with less graining. This is why the type of natural marble you choose must essentially depend on your taste, style, and the decor and fittings you already have in place.”

Dark kitchens

Go deeper than just a dark primary color to a kitchen that’s 100% black. If you’ve got the space, a dark kitchen can look shockingly modern and stark in a good way. According to, “Almost all-resplendent in black, a few minor elements shine in chrome and wood. Textures do the talking in a matte table under, granite bench, and black wood-paneled walls. But having an open approach like this means that every one of your accessories on display – including knives, wine glasses, mugs, cutting boards, teapots, cookie jars, etc. – need to be on point.”

Layers of lighting

Improve the look of your kitchen space with curated lighting. If you’re not sure how to do this, we can help. Hang pendant lights at different levels to increase the visual interest and combine with accent lighting to complete the ambiance. And try to mix in a different architectural style like industrial to harden a softer space with your lighting fixtures.