Match Kitchen Design to Your Style

To most homeowners, kitchens are some of the most personal spaces in a home. Your kitchen reflects your style and tells people about who you are as an individual. Here’s how to tell that story. Match kitchen design to your style with these tips.

Designing your kitchen with this in mind is essential. But it can be difficult to know where to start. Or understand what kitchen design trends will work best for you and your space.

Kitchens have come a long way from being strictly functional. They are now designed to reflect your personality and style. This is as well as functioning for everyday use. But this can make kitchen design overwhelming. This is because there is such a huge variety of styles you could choose from. With that in mind, we’ve put together these tips. This blog post contains kitchen design tips that will help you match the look of your kitchen with the rest of your house and give it a cohesive feel!

Tip #1 Determine Your Style

Kitchen designs reflect the personal style of their owners. They range from sleek and modern to more rustic or vintage styles. So you must figure out what kitchen design matches your own style. This is before you start shopping for kitchen cabinets, appliances, and accessories. 

Modern: Modern kitchens are known for their clean lines and lack of embellishments. They are sleek, minimalistic, and often have modern kitchen cabinets. This keeps items out of sight to make the space appear more open.

Rustic: Rustic kitchen design is characterized by a natural, earthy feel. This look is achieved through rustic kitchen cabinetry and appliances. That means lots of wood accents and the countertops are made from natural materials like stone or tile.

Vintage: Vintage kitchens are known for their old-fashioned charm. It’s often inspired by older homes in classic films or television shows. They tend to have traditional kitchen cabinets with porcelain finishes and refined details.

Each of these styles has its unique characteristics, but they also have some things in common. They all reflect well on the people who live there because they are so personalized to them! If one style doesn’t seem like it will work for you or your family, don’t worry. There are plenty of kitchen design trends out there to choose from.

Tip #2 Consider Your Space

Space is another factor that you’ll need to take into consideration when designing your kitchen. For example,  you might have a small space but love the look of open kitchens with lots of countertops and cabinets. Then consider installing floating shelves or islands on wheels so they can be moved out of sight during parties. If your home office is in the kitchen, add a small desk or table. Make sure that it can fold up when it’s not in use. And if you love rustic kitchens but your space is more modern and sleek, consider using industrial lighting. This will give your space an edgy look while still staying true to yourself!

Tip #3 Think of Your Lifestyle

Kitchen design is more than just picking out countertops or flooring. It’s about thinking about how you and your family use the space daily.  If you’re always cooking with kids in tow, consider installing a kitchen island. That way it can double as an activity center. If you lead more of a fast-paced lifestyle, look for design features like built-in outlets. This will make things easier on yourself while still maintaining your style! 

Do you love cooking? If so, consider adding an island with seating to make mealtime that much more enjoyable! Live in a small household but enjoy hosting parties? You might want to consider adding built-in extra seating or a second sink. Thinking about your lifestyle and the activities you enjoy in your kitchen can help determine what amenities, appliances, and accessories will work best for your space!

Tip #4 Focus on Function

When thinking about kitchen design trends that match your personality, keep function in mind. What about if you love to entertain but don’t like the idea of hosting parties in tight spaces? Go for an open floor plan with tons of seating and room for people to mingle! If you spend a lot of time cooking, consider a kitchen design that includes built-in appliances. Also, think about storage for all your cooking supplies. If you’re on the eco-friendly side, consider installing energy-efficient appliances to save money in the long run.

Tip #5 Shop for Kitchen Appliances & pieces of Furniture

Once you’ve thought about your space, style, and lifestyle it is time to start shopping for your kitchen design trends! Many of these styles can be found online or even in local furniture stores. Once you’ve narrowed down what styles work best for your space, style and lifestyle do some research on manufacturers that specialize in those designs. They often have more affordable options available to help you save money while still finding a look that works for you. To ease the process of finding something that fits all three aspects of designing a personalized look make sure to shop in stores like Home Depot or you can even shop online at online stores like Amazon.

Tip #6 Hire a professional kitchen designer

Even if you have a good idea as to which kitchen design will fit your space and lifestyle, it can be hard to consider everything without the help of an expert. Hiring a bespoke kitchen design team is one of the best ways to ensure that all aspects of your kitchen are considered before designing or renovating. They can help you make decisions about every part of the design process to ensure that your kitchen is not only functional but also stylish and tailored to your needs!

The most important thing about designing your kitchen with your style in mind is that you do what makes you happy! You can’t go wrong with designing your premium kitchen to match who you are and how you live.

These tips should help get you started on thinking about what style of kitchen will match your personality! For more inspiration or assistance with this process, get in touch.

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