Organization tricks to make your pantry shine

Everyone loves a super-organized kitchen! All those hand-written labels, the matching wicker baskets, the shelf dividers… but those aren’t the only ways to get a showroom-looking kitchen on a dime. We’ve collected our top organization tricks to make your pantry shine.

Reuse veg crates 

Once you’ve been to the farmer’s market, you don’t need to throw out the crates. Reuse them to stack your catch-all goods like napkins and tablecloths or store jars upright for easy access. Or, if you don’t have a farmer’s market near you, invest in these paintable beauties from Oojami.

Add functionality to shelves

Sometimes you can feel uneasy about storing useful ingredients in the back of a shelf lest they get lost back there. That’s where these extendable racks come in. They make every shelf useful to the last inch and there are even wood finish versions available from other retailers.

Try a pegboard

If you have storage requirements that keep changing for whatever reason, then you need a pegboard. We love this one from Esty seller ‘WallflowerUSA’; especially in the oiled finish. The moveable pegs will let you customize how you place or hang items off of the piece. And the 3 included shelves are the right amount for a range of configurations.

Prevent mess with dividers

You don’t want items like jars and bottles sloshing around in drawers as you close them. That’s why dividers are practically essential. These Lipper International 22.125-in x 2.5-in Bamboo Drawer Divider Drawer Organizers are the perfect size for pretty much all your drawers due to the tension spring. And the bamboo material is a nice complement to most wooden cabinetry.

Display as decor

Think about all the space you could save if you didn’t have clunky items like mugs in your pantry cabinets? We love this Distressed Finish Display Ladder from Pier 1 Imports. It’s such a creative way to get mugs out of the dark and into the light as a piece of decor. And it is the perfect finish for a rustic, traditional, or farmhouse kitchen.

Get stacking containers

Store your food in containers with square edges and stacking capability to maximize your space. This collection from Rubbermaid has everything you need in food storage: varied sizes, squared edges, and a tight seal. Consider getting a label maker so the contents are clearly printed to avoid any flour vs powered sugar debacles.

Try door storage

According to KraftMaid, “This tall pantry cabinet includes door storage racks and internal swing racks for easy access to all items, making the most efficient use of a small space.” And we agree. This pantry storage solution would look at home in any traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, or rustic kitchen with limited space. You’ll just want to talk to your contractor about having it fitted.

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