3 Simple Kitchen Gadgets Really Smart People Have

Not sure what 3 kitchen gadgets really smart people have at home? We’re going to shine a light on some great new-ish technologies that are essential for modern living. These devices will help you cook better, healthier meals faster. They do this by providing instructions, ingredients, or the power required to get dinner done each day. Incorporate all three for a modern, desirable kitchen you’ll look forward to cooking in daily. 

Water, all ways – Zip HydroTap

Designed to fit into any kitchen design, the HydroTap offers on-demand boiling, chilled and sparkling water -perfectly filtered- and on tap. They state, “With [a sleek] design and slick function powered by our most advanced technology, the HydroTap G5 has more [personalized] settings and features SteriTouch® for enhanced hygiene. It’s not just water, it’s water at its best.” And we agree. In our kitchen designs, we suggest the HydroTap for its easy refilling systems and smart child-safety features. Because it attends to the full range of water needs, it removes the need for a built-in fridge water dispenser and kettles. This saves space on your countertops, on your power points and allows you to use desirable hidden fridge designs.

Smart, inclusive multi-cooker – Thermomix

If you struggle to remember recipes or just don’t have the time to monitor your stove while prepping dinner, this is your lifesaver. The Thermomix is an “all-in-one kitchen appliance that makes accomplishing more possible. From meal planning, to ingredient shopping, to cooking, the TM6® has your back so you can seamlessly create the perfect meal, every time.” Just link it with the Cookidoo® recipe platform and you’ll get instant access to 60,000 recipes – all step-by-step. We recommend it because it does your main and sides all in one device. Plus, it will even pre-clean itself. It’s a big time saver. It’s great for busy families or people with reduced mobility who need help in the kitchen and with grocery shopping.

Clever, hidden charging – Docking Drawer

If you’ve ever gasped at the trailing line of cables around your kitchen, this is a must-have. According to their website, “In-drawer outlets provide a designated place to connect devices out of sight, resulting in more organized and functional spaces.” And Docking Drawer comes in one standard size that fits most standard kitchen drawers. Oh, and before you ask, it knows if the devices are getting too hot in the drawer and will cut the power. It’s not a concern. We recommend the Docking Drawer because it solves a very modern problem. By tucking away all the phones, laptops, and other charging devices; the look of your kitchen is maintained. And that’s great if you’ve just spent tens of thousands on a remodeling project. The Docking Drawer is our pick for smart charging ports for multi-person households or design-conscious individuals.

Keen to try some of these kitchen gadgets really smart people have in your home? Let’s talk about how we can help you to design the kitchen space of your dreams.