Smart, hidden kitchen charging options

There are a lot of ways to power up your kitchen designs. In this modern world, we all need places to charge our devices. And we love these two smart hidden kitchen charging solutions: the charging drawer and the pop-up charging pod. We’ll discuss hidden kitchen charging, what makes these items great and how you can incorporate them into your design.

Why kitchen charging matters

Widely, the kitchen is a more lived-in space. It hosts brushes with the girls and study sessions with the little ones. And nearly all the activities we do these days need electrical support. Your guests will need to charge their phones so they can use them for GPS on the way home. And your children will need to plug in their laptops while you help them with homework. Plus, you might have smart devices to help you cook like voice assistants and connected cookers. So, you need a few ways to get these items charged up. While you can just plug the cables into your wall outlets, that leaves trailing wires everywhere and takes a power plug away from your appliances. We think there are some better options available for sleek, simple charging.

Docking Drawer – hidden charging

Turn one of your drawers into a smart charging point. This clever outlet solution frees up your counter space. No more trailing wires. Plus, it’s smart enough to ensure the drawer stays cool. It will shut off if the temp gets higher than 120 Fahrenheit. We think it works great for devices you want to charge up and have ready to go at all times like laptops and tablets. And you can use it to keep tiny hands away from phones during dinner time. Our clients love how versatile and simple it is to install the Docking Drawer. Since it comes in one size only, it’s designed to fit in all standard kitchen drawers. Plus, you can use it to store infrequently-used appliances out of the way where they can be accessed in-situ for mixing, toasting, and blending right from the cabinet. This is ideal for keen bakers or cooks who want bespoke storage and workstations. You can combine the Docking Drawer with smart storage solutions for an all-in-one bespoke work area.

SensioPod – charge in use

Sometimes, you’ll need to power your devices and appliances while you use them. This is often a temporary requirement. And you won’t want your plugs and ports on display at all times just for the few times you’ll need power. That’s what makes the SensioPod so great. It’s a slim, clever recessed charging tower that collapses into your surrounding worktop. This motorized socket can also enhance your cooking experience with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. We recommend that model for clients looking to reduce the clutter in their space. The built-in speaker is just one less thing you need to have on your worktop. It has a range of plugs and USB ports within the tower itself, but our favorite feature is what’s on top. They state, “The smooth, [motorized] anti-trap mechanism raises and lowers the pod with ease and integrated Qi charger in the top of the pod provides quick and easy charging.” This is great for anyone with a wireless-charging phone model. That means you can just place your phone on top while reading recipes or streaming music and it’s charging the whole time.

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