Top Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

It’s no secret that kitchen appliances are key to living a healthy, well-balanced life. However, it can be difficult to figure out which ones you truly need and which ones are just nice-to-haves. Here’s our recommendation for Top Kitchen Appliances.

The following list of eight top-of-the-line kitchen appliances will help you decide what your must-haves are:

1) *Blender*

This kitchen appliance is great for making pureed soups, fruit smoothies, slushy drinks, or milkshakes. The blender’s powerful blades are designed to break down anything that you put in them. So they can then get easily digested and absorbed by your body. If you want the best of both worlds, try using a blender to create your juice and smoothie bar in the comfort of your kitchen.

Our top pick: *Vitamix*

A high-powered blender, the Vitamix is perfect for making smoothies and shakes. The powerful motor will make short work of whatever you put in it. And its sleek design looks great on any kitchen countertop. It also comes with a seven-year warranty to protect against damages from common wear and tear.

2)  *Grill* 

A grill isn’t just for grilling meats or vegetables anymore. It can also be used to toast sandwiches, cook pancakes, and even bake cakes! The possibilities are endless when it comes to this versatile kitchen appliance. If you have the extra space in your kitchen, go ahead and get a grill that does double duty as a stove.

Our top pick: *Cuisinart Grill*

This grill from Cuisinart is great for those who want to have the look of a traditional stove but with all the capabilities of a grill. The grill plates are designed to cook everything from meatloaf and pancakes to grilled cheese sandwiches, paninis, and steak fajitas. Plus it comes with a dishwasher-safe cooking surface. So you can quickly clean up afterward without losing any time in the kitchen.

3) *Coffee Maker*

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, having the right coffee maker can help get your day started on the right foot. It also makes it easier to have that morning cup of joe anytime. Don’t drag yourself out of bed just to go wait in line at a coffee shop anymore.

Our top pick: *Nespresso*

The Nespresso is perfect for busy people who want to have a cup of great espresso without having to go through the hassle of making it themselves. All you need to do is place one of their pre-made capsules in the machine, press start, and voila! You have your morning espresso.

4) *Rice Cooker*

Not only does this kitchen appliance cook rice perfectly every single time, but it can also be used to steam vegetables or even slow-cook your favorite stew recipe. This multi-purpose appliance is perfect for those who want the ease of having their rice cooked without having to hover over a stove and keep an eye on it.

Our top pick: *Zojirushi*

This brand of rice cooker is well-known for its ability to cook all types and amounts of rice without any problems. The inner cooking pan comes with a nonstick coating so you don’t have to worry about the rice sticking to it as it cooks, making clean up a breeze.

5) *Sous Vide*

If you’ve ever wanted to try cooking sous vide but didn’t want to go out and buy a commercial machine, these kitchen appliances are perfect for doing it at home. Sous vide is a French term that means “under vacuum” and refers to the process of sealing food in a bag and cooking it in a water bath at an accurately regulated temperature.

Our top pick: *Anova*

The Anova is perfect for those who want to try out sous vide without having to invest too much money in the process. By submerging this small, portable device in your pot of water, you can set the temperature and time you want it to run. When the timer is done, your food will be perfectly cooked without any hassle on your end!

6) *Crockpot*

These kitchen appliances are great for cooking family-sized meals and making them so tender you can cut through them with a plastic spoon. They work by allowing the food to simmer in its juices over several hours, resulting in fork-tender meats and perfectly cooked vegetables that practically fall apart on their own. These crockpots are also great for busy families who need to get dinner on the table in a hurry.

Our top pick: *Hamilton Beach*

This Hamilton Beach slow cooker cooks your food evenly while locking in all of its moisture and flavor, resulting in succulent meats that practically melt in your mouth!

7) *Coffee Grinder*

A good coffee grinder is a must for those who love freshly ground beans. These kitchen appliances are great for grinding your favorite types of coffee. And they allow you to make the perfect cup, especially if you want it strong. Plus this appliance can be used as a spice grinder. So you don’t have to go out and buy two separate appliances.

Our top pick: *Cuisinart*

This Cuisinart is the perfect combination appliance for those who want to grind both their coffee beans and spices in one easy-to-use machine. Plus it has an adjustable grinder that allows you to choose how fine or coarse you want your beans ground.

8) *Stand Mixer*

If you love baking, then a good stand mixer is an absolute must. These kitchen appliances are perfect for making everything from cakes to bread dough. And they can even be used to knead your favorite pasta recipes.

Our top pick: *KitchenAid*

This KitchenAid stand mixer is perfect. Great if want to make your favorite baked goods and pasta recipes without having to knead them all by hand. Plus it has a powerful motor that allows you to mix anything from stiff bread doughs, cakes, and frostings with ease!

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