Ultimate Must-Haves Guide to an Ultra-Luxurious Kitchen

Homes are made to look beautiful on the inside, but some parts of them are more important than others. Ultra-luxurious kitchen spaces are the dream of most. Here is how to achieve it.

The kitchen is one place where we spend a lot of our time and money updating. This is to make them look better and be able to do different types of cooking. So they should stay nice for as long as possible. It’s the most important room in your home. It’s where you make memories with family and friends!

But sometimes building or renovating a kitchen can be expensive. This is if you don’t know what you need to do! Here are some of my recommendations on the ultimate must-haves for your ultra-luxurious kitchen:

Ultimate Must-Have #1:  Kitchen Appliances

First, you need to think about the appliances that will be used in your kitchen. You can’t just go and buy whatever is cheapest or easiest – that’s not how it works!

When it comes to kitchens, appliances should match the look of your whole house. So, if you want a sleek modern kitchen then I would recommend getting a matching stainless steel range of appliances. The kitchen range you choose should also match the oven or cooktop. That’s the one that is already in your kitchen (if it’s still functional). So get something similar to what you’ve got now but make sure to upgrade if necessary.

If you’re looking for an oven that’s more customized to your kitchen design, then go for one of the many wood-fired stove designs available! They are super cute and can be used as a focal point in your kitchen. If the rest of your house is very modern or contemporary, I would recommend getting something like this to match the aesthetic you’re going for. For an ultra-luxurious kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a wood-fired oven!

Ultimate Must-Have #2: Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

Second, you need to think about the cabinets and countertop that will be used in your kitchen. You can’t just go and buy whatever is cheapest or easiest – that’s not how it works! When it comes to kitchens, cabinets should match the look of your whole house so if you want a sleek modern kitchen then I would recommend getting matching stainless steel kitchen cabinet doors. The look of your cabinets can also be customized to suit the rest of your house’s style, whether that means going for wooden ones or glass fronts.

If you’re looking for an ultra-luxurious design, go for something like a marble counter – it makes all your food taste better too (jokes). I would recommend that you get marble or granite kitchen countertops if your budget allows it!

If not, then definitely go with a laminate finish – anything to make it look modern and luxurious. You can find laminates with wood finishes or stone designs to give it an extra touch of elegance. It might be a bit pricier but the look will definitely pay off.

Ultimate Must-Have #3: Kitchen Floorings

Don’t forget about the flooring when decorating your ultra-luxurious kitchen! You don’t want it to just look beautiful but also functional and safe for when people are cooking.

One of the most popular kitchen flooring materials is stone – especially marble! The marble looks stunning in any kitchen because of its shiny, sleek finish so I’d recommend choosing that if possible. Another popular option is laminate flooring because not only does it have a nice, sleek finish but it’s also very durable. It gets dirty easily so make sure to choose one with an easy-to-clean surface.

For more of a traditional look, you can go with tile or vinyl flooring – both of which are great options! Tiles work well for people who like to keep their kitchen floors clean (or don’t want to spend too much time cleaning them). Vinyl works best if you have pets in the home because it’s easy to clean but it can get a little slippery when wet so be careful.

Ultimate Must-Have #4: Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Another must-have for any type of kitchen is backsplash tiles. I know a lot of people think that tiles are just for bathrooms and laundry areas but I disagree! They’re a great way to update your kitchen without spending too much money.

There are so many different types of backsplash materials out there today it can be quite overwhelming when trying to choose the best one for you – especially if you don’t know much about them or what they’re made from. I’d recommend going with either a glass or subway tile backsplash because of how sleek and modern it looks in any kitchen. It’s also very easy to clean and they’re most likely already in your kitchen if you’ve got new appliances.

For an ultra-luxurious kitchen look, I would choose a marble or granite tile backsplash because they’re not only stylish but long-lasting too! If you’ve got a budget that’s on the lower end, then I would suggest going with stainless steel tiles as they’ll give your kitchen an expensive look and feel.

Ultimate Must-Have #5: Lighting & Electricity

Last but not least, you need electricity and proper lighting for your kitchen! If possible, try getting under cabinet lights because they are super convenient when you’re cooking since all the light is right there in front of you.

If you want to go with a more contemporary style, I would recommend going with LED lighting because it’s very bright and sleek. The best part is that they’re also energy efficient so your bills will be lower every month!

Final Ultra-Luxurious Kitchen Tips

Don’t forget about the electrical outlets in your kitchen – especially if you have any appliances or electronics that you need to keep plugged in at all times. You don’t want them to fall over and break so it’s best if they’re near a power outlet just for safety reasons!

So those are my tips on the ultimate must-haves to create the look of an ultra-luxurious kitchen. But don’t forget your budget and what you can afford – everything doesn’t have to be perfect. You’ll still get a great look even if some things aren’t exactly how they should be! Contact Baruchi Studios for your kitchen designs needs.


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