Try this before using a walk-in closet design tool

Who doesn’t love the simplistic promise of a walk-in closet design tool to give you the clothing storage layout of your dreams? The allure is unmistakable. But before you start creating your space in a walk-in closet design tool, try these hacks to enhance your home for a space that doesn’t look like the pop-up installations in an Ikea.

Put another rod in

Before you go mad in a walk-in closet design tool app, just look at your existing space. Is it just one, endless long full-length rail all the way around? While that can look amazing, it really isn’t making the best use of space. Instead, dedicate a section to tops and trousers by installing a second closet rod. This can give you more storage within the same square footage and without difficult renovations.

Pop in an island

Yes, you can (and should) put an island in your closet. This can offer you amazing storage options for your belts, scarves, jewellery and more but it also gives you a raised space to plan outfits. This is great if you’re looking to digitise your wardrobe or begin ritual dressing. If buying a custom closet island is out of your budget, you could repurpose a kitchen island instead with a few simple DIY tricks like adding drawer liners or shoebox-shaped storage sets.

Take over the spare room

If your current closet is far too small, consider just co-opting another space in your home over a full-blown walk-in closet remodel. With no structural work to do, you’ll find the process is much simpler if you just turn your guest room into storage. Then you can talk to a luxury closet designer to help you make the most of the square footage through clever illuminated shelving and built-in rails. If you don’t have the capacity to do that – create two designated closets, one for your everyday wear and the other for occasions; using the storage in both rooms to their fullest.

Go higher

Got some empty space above your rails? Use open shelving and decorative baskets to create a high-end luxury closet without all the fuss. Storing your seasonal, weather-based or occasional-use fashion items up high will eliminate clutter in your space without the need for finicky walk-in closet design tool drafts. And, if it’s not too high up, you can use a simple ottoman to allow access to the upper level.

Get creative with lights

Lighting with a focused output and slim form factor will look attractive in any walk-in closet; enhancing the curb appeal. But you could also have a little fun with it by creating a lighting scheme with a smart home lighting kit like the Philips Hue. This can enable you to change the colour temperature with the seasons or create mood environments for specific dressing occasions like bedtime or going out.


If you want to make even bigger improvements to your storage without using a walk-in closet design tool yourself, why not get in touch?